Search Engines…!

I’ve just been checking the behind the scenes data for this website. It’s a really interesting place that gives an idea how many people have visited, from what countries, which pages get viewed most and so on. The interesting thing today was to see the search terms that people have entered into their computer which have then resulted in them arriving at this website.

It was a bit of a surprise though to see a search for “merseyside photographers on bbc watchdog”, and I’d just like to make it clear that ‘It wasn’t me Guv!’. Definitely not guilty on this one.

First of all, let’s be clear – whilst I have been on the shiny side of a broadcast camera once or twice, it’s always been in a good way, usually whilst I’m photographing a public event that is also being filmed.  I’ve never been the subject of any consumer complaints (and I’m working hard not to be either!)

Google knows that I’m a photographer and it also knows that I work across Merseyside as well as Lancashire, Manchester and surrounding parts. Those keywords ‘Photographer’ and ‘Merseyside’ were enough for the search engine to throw up a match to the words in the search. Bless them.

So, whilst I occasionally under-sell myself and go the extra mile a little too much, that’s all I’m intending to be guilty of and I’ll just be sticking to my kind of exposure….

No matter what search words you typed to find me, welcome! If you’d like to meet with this Lancashire Photographer and discuss what I can do for you then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

SPACE AID: The Live Music Event That Rocked

SPACE AIStephen Bayliss patron of the SPACE Multisensory Centre Preston, supporting the SPACE AID Live Music Event on Thursday 3rd Jan 2013. Photographed by Stuart Homer Photography Ltd.D was the live music extravaganza which took place on Thursday 3rd January in Preston.  Stuart Homer Photography was delighted to be able to support the full event and assist in raising much needed funds for the SPACE Multisensory Centre in Preston.

The SPACE Centre on Pedders Lane Preston provides a valuable facility used widely by young people and adults with disabilities and special needs. Vital funds are needed to allow modernisation work to be completed and secure the future of the centre.

Cue Steve and Lesley Miller who dreamed up SPACE AID and brought the event to fruition with the generous support of many friends, supporters and professionals.  The event brought two separate live music gigs to the Preston Grasshoppers venue, along with an auction and raffle.

The afternoon saw performances including Panache, Blackheart, magician Jez Mansfield and top of the bill the fantastic Houghton Weavers. The evening event included live sets from Steves’s band Full Signal, Two Men Standing, an amazing as always set from SPACE patron Stephen Bayliss and then a great set to round off the night by very good friends The ROCKiTS.

Through the day I was able to photograph and sell green-screen portraits as well as photographing all the acts. Proceeds from sales, including any future sales are going to support the fundraising effort.

Photographs from the day can be found in my photo gallery – please have a browse and don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to purchase any images or would like any information on my range of products and services.