Well Done Waterloo

What a fantastic match – well done Waterloo!!!  Sunday saw me on a very special commission, photographing the Blacksticks Blue Under 16’s Rugby Cup Final.

More specifically (and even better than that), I’d been commissioned by the Waterloo team coach’s family to shadow Richard and photograph both him and the team before, during and after the match.

The atmosphere was tense, with a lot of pride at stake. Waterloo played a game to be proud of, scoring first to lead the game and in the end narrowly missing the cup by two points.

The day had it’s challenges for me too, with a mix of heavy drizzle and rain, but professional kit is made to handle those sort of challenges. All in all I’m pleased with the results – and can’t wait to show them to Richard and his family too.Scrum Down - Rugby photography by Stuart Homer Photography Ltd.

The Art of Event Photography

Event Photography is about catching an image, allowing your client to view it, being able to hold it in their hands in mere seconds, being able to buy it on site, being able to love and treasure it!

Event photography by Stuart Homer Photography Ltd for Macmillan Education at the world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool.Event Photography is a form of social photography, quite different from many other types of professional photography.

Event photography is fantastic fun, it’s about building a client relationship and trust in seconds, making the client feel comfortable in front of studio lights in strange surroundings. It’s about being able to very quickly catch a key image which the client will love. It’s all about people.

Technology plays it’s part too – my latest professional cameras have WiFi to beam pictures back to the viewing station in seconds. A fast professional printer allows the photograph to be in the clients hand in less than two minutes from the click of the shutter, mounted in a smart folder and ready to take home.

This week saw me undertaking a night of event photography for Macmillan Education at a social event hosted as part of their conference for international English teachers. Their venue was the amazing, world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool – a regular working place for me professionally. It was great to work again with the Cavern’s management team as well as their amazing resident band The Cavern Beatles.

Normally the iconic Cavern Club stage is strictly for musicians only, but for one night it was my stage. The image you see here uses no less than three different studio lights to create a unique momento of the event for each of the 400+ guests at the biggest party in town.

So then event photography – a huge buzz, fantastic, frenetic fun and providing an absolutely unique momento of an amazing night.

Thanks again Macmillan for allowing me to work with you all, hope to repeat the pleasure again soon. (See the gallery of images here)

Please contact me if you’d like to learn more about how I can support your event.