Earworms: Blessing or Curse?

Earworms, that phenomenon where a tune gets stuck in your head…  After a weekend photographing at the International Beatles Week hosted by the Cavern Club in Liverpool, I’ve currently got two fabulous tunes doing battle in-between my ears.

At this year’s festival I was booked to photograph longstanding clients The ROCKiTs at four of their booked performances as well as catching some new promotional images. The band having recently gained Chris Hunt as a new lead guitarist and it was great to get to know Chris and wife Kay on and off stage over the weekend. Highlights included photographing the band performing the Beatles Hard Day’s Night Album on the Adelphi Hotel’s Ballroom Stage.

The annual festival attracts guests and bands from all over the world on an annual pilgrimage to Liverpool, home of the Mersey Beat with The Cavern Club at it’s heart. It was great to catch up with the Cavern City Tours team, organisers of the event (and my hosts) as well as many of the bands and die-hard fans who I’ve met in previous years.

Now getting back to the Earworms, in this case an absolute blessing. In my case they are the exciting memories of moments in time, places, people, sights and of course sounds and emotions.

The first Earworm is the result of popping into the Royal Philharmonic Hall to see and photograph some of The Overtures live Cavern Legacy show. I met the guys last year and loved their live show, so made a point of catching up with them this year. Hearing Jamie’s rendition of Rod Stewart’s Handbags and Gladrags was amazing and is still bringing out the goosebumps. I’m fairly gutted I couldn’t see the whole show, but had I done I would have missed out on the second earworm.

A regular guest at International Beatles Week is Mark Hudson, the American record producer famed for his writing and producing with Aerosmith, Jon Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne, Ringo Star and many others as well as vocal coaching on the X Factor.

Mark caught some of The ROCKiTs Saturday night set and sang an impromptu track with the band which was repeated on Sunday night during their set in The Cavern. Mark said some amazing things about the band and after his own acoustic performance at the Philharmonic on Bank Holiday Monday, Mark made a beeline for The Cavern Pub where the band were performing their penultimate gig.

This time Mark Hudson spent half the set on stage with the guys, opening with an amazing, unique version of The Rolling Stones hit It’s All Over Now – somehow I can’t really think of a better way to round up this particular promo assignment with the guys and I suspect a lot of people from that particular Liverpool pub are now sharing my favourite earworm right now.

I’ll be sifting through my 1,018 images from the weekend and posting some in the Gallery soon, hope you’ll like them. In the meantime I’ll just keep humming to myself and smiling.


Feeling Confident?

I’ve just been looking at this year’s bookings and doing some sums…

The headline news is that 65% of work this year is being undertaken for repeat clients. In other words, two out of every three jobs, whether they be weddings, portraits, live music, events or corporate work have been booked by someone I’ve previously had the pleasure of working for.

Some of those are annual events, some are follow-on bookings. I’ve also been privileged enough to photograph the new-born babies of some of my wedding clients.

Of the new clients this year, quite a number have beaten a path to my door based on personal recommendations of existing clients, which is fantastic too.

All in all it’s incredibly encouraging to know that so many people are so satisfied with the service I’ve provided and are happy to keep coming back and recommending me to others. Many of my clients over the last half a decade have become close friends too which is even better.

For me, photography isn’t just about having a good camera; it’s not about a fancy webpage or posting nice pictures online.  Like any business it’s about relationships and communication, understanding the client’s needs, achieving results, delivering the highest quality products from the world’s finest suppliers. It’s about having back-up plans and equipment – being totally dependable and professional.

If you’re looking for a professional photographer I’d be delighted to hear from you today – 65% of clients can’t be wrong can they?

(The figure 65% has been calculated from a sample of 29 bookings during the first part of 2013)