Do You Do Video?

I get loads of enquiries “do you do video?”.  Normally I concentrate on still photography because that’s what I’m best at.

This week though I’ve been working on a little mini video project for my very good friend Chris Grindrod. Chris is a bass player and it’s not the first time he’s been mentioned here. This time around he’s been recording the bass track on a song as part of an international collaboration with friend Hal Bruce and needed some video footage to send out to Canada.

Many modern DSLRs like my D800 can capture HD video. They definitely aren’t camcorders – they don’t autofocus in the same way, they don’t record for hours and need careful setting up. But when you put a pro lens onto the body, the results are stunning.


Chris made it easy for me too. We filmed him with just one camera, playing along to the raw music track, and recorded six clips, one after the other. Each clip was from a different camera angle and focus points. I was expecting the edit to be a nightmare, but once I’d lined up the tracks together everything else slipped into place.

I don’t know how he did it (well, I’ve got a good guess), but on each track his timing is millisecond perfect, even though some tracks were filmed several coffees and nearly an hour after others. That made it possible to cut in and out, between any of the tracks seamlessly.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the overall result, once all the artists recordings from across the world have been combined into a single track. I might even splice the final audio mix onto my video for Chris and give it a debut – watch this space!!!