Sit Thi Deawn – It’s For Charity

It seems to have been a little while…. But I’m back!  This weekend has been a great one, they always are when I’ve got chance to give a little something back.

In this case it was being able to support a fundraising event for St. Catherine’s Hospice in Preston. Anyone under the age of forty-something may struggle with the title of this post, but it’s the name of a long-running TV series starring local folk group The Houghton Weavers.

They are still going strong and this has been the third time I’ve had the pleasure of working with them in the last twelve months. David Littler of the Weavers had pulled together this event for The Weavers and it was a pleasure to also meet and photograph local TV personality and comedian Phil Cool, along with ex-Steeleye Span guitarist Ken Nicol and guitarist Pete Frampton.

I had only popped along to the event at Ingol Golf Club in Preston to catch a few pictures for St Catherine’s Hospice to submit to the media. As it was I ended up staying pretty much to the end!  An amazing event raising money for an amazing local cause and one which I’m proud to have been able to be involved with in a little way.

You can see more images of the night in my 2014 Gallery and learn more about St Catherine’s Hospice here.

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