Calling All Musos…. (and lovers of shiny things)

Untitled-1Calling all Musos – especially those fond of a bit of vintage and classic axe wielding…

Regular followers of my Facebook feed will have seen that I’ve recently been photographing a selection of 30+ classic guitars of all shapes and sizes for a corporate client. The fruits of my labours, or more particularly my photos are now online at

What’s even more exciting that looking at (my) photographs is that all the guitars are for sale. So don’t delay, check them all out and if any of them take your fancy (and what’s not to like), or if you’d just like to know more, contact David at Modern Guitars.

If of course you’d like me to photograph your own personal collection or you’d like to know more about my corporate and product photography solutions then please don’t hesitate to give me a call. The studio used for all of my Modern Guitars photos is fully portable and you might just be pleasantly surprised by my terms… D8N_7591