Steaming Ahead – All The Fun Of The Fair

It’s been a busy old week, but an awesome one – last week gave the opportunity to photograph actress Chyler Leigh with her husband’s band fundraising in Liverpool (but that’s a different story).

Back to the topic though and this Bank Holiday weekend has given the opportunity to re-acquaint ourselves with our very good friends at Chipping Steam Fair.

We’ve been supporting the event and providing their photographic cover for a number of years and it’s fantastic to see the event going from strength-to-strength every year. Fundraising has always been at the heart of the event, in fact it was the need to generate funds to replace Chipping Village Hall which gave birth to the show itself.

Today, for one weekend a year the show ground is transformed by a small army of volunteers into a bustling town like no other. Different suburbs of the town host steam engines, classic cars, motorcycles, caravans, commercial vehicles, tractors and military vehicles. Throughout the day vintage machines can be heard and seen running and entertaining the crowds. Those crowds are most definitely entertained, between entertainment in the big top and main arena, live music, food, drink and the funfair.

It’s almost impossible to describe the event that is Chipping Steam Fair – if you can, come and pay us a visit next year. Whether you do or not, I’ve tried to capture the spirit of the event within two galleries of images – please have a browse:

Image Gallery Part One covers Saturday at the show and includes most of the vehicles on show in the main arena. Image Gallery Part Two covers Sunday & Monday showing the wider atmosphere of events taking place.

Copies of images may be purchased at sensible prices. Please note that all images have been photographed with the full authority of Chipping Steam Fair. I hope you like them, but if you feel any of these images require withdrawing from the gallery for any reason please do not hesitate to Contact Me.

All In A Good Cause!

At Stuart Homer Photography we’re all in favour of supporting a good cause and the last week has been no exception.

Last year our very good friend Tim Quinn in Liverpool invited us to support a programme he had conceived, unfortunately we weren’t available however this year we’ve been able to give the project our full commitment.

Tim has a longstanding background rubbing shoulders with superheroes – after all he used to work for Marvel. When the chance came to bring together Supergirl’s sister (actress Chyler Leigh) and her husband Nathan West’s band East of Eli all the way from the USA to  perform several charity gigs in aid of Liverpool Hearbeat we were keen to support.

You can see images from an interview evening with Chyler & Nathan and from there two gigs at The Cavern Club in Liverpool in my gallery with just a click ‘here‘.

East of Eli featuring Chyler Leigh supporting Liverpool Heartbeat