Steaming Ahead – All The Fun Of The Fair

It’s been a busy old week, but an awesome one – last week gave the opportunity to photograph actress Chyler Leigh with her husband’s band fundraising in Liverpool (but that’s a different story).

Back to the topic though and this Bank Holiday weekend has given the opportunity to re-acquaint ourselves with our very good friends at Chipping Steam Fair.

We’ve been supporting the event and providing their photographic cover for a number of years and it’s fantastic to see the event going from strength-to-strength every year. Fundraising has always been at the heart of the event, in fact it was the need to generate funds to replace Chipping Village Hall which gave birth to the show itself.

Today, for one weekend a year the show ground is transformed by a small army of volunteers into a bustling town like no other. Different suburbs of the town host steam engines, classic cars, motorcycles, caravans, commercial vehicles, tractors and military vehicles. Throughout the day vintage machines can be heard and seen running and entertaining the crowds. Those crowds are most definitely entertained, between entertainment in the big top and main arena, live music, food, drink and the funfair.

It’s almost impossible to describe the event that is Chipping Steam Fair – if you can, come and pay us a visit next year. Whether you do or not, I’ve tried to capture the spirit of the event within two galleries of images – please have a browse:

Image Gallery Part One covers Saturday at the show and includes most of the vehicles on show in the main arena. Image Gallery Part Two covers Sunday & Monday showing the wider atmosphere of events taking place.

Copies of images may be purchased at sensible prices. Please note that all images have been photographed with the full authority of Chipping Steam Fair. I hope you like them, but if you feel any of these images require withdrawing from the gallery for any reason please do not hesitate to Contact Me.

All In A Good Cause!

At Stuart Homer Photography we’re all in favour of supporting a good cause and the last week has been no exception.

Last year our very good friend Tim Quinn in Liverpool invited us to support a programme he had conceived, unfortunately we weren’t available however this year we’ve been able to give the project our full commitment.

Tim has a longstanding background rubbing shoulders with superheroes – after all he used to work for Marvel. When the chance came to bring together Supergirl’s sister (actress Chyler Leigh) and her husband Nathan West’s band East of Eli all the way from the USA to  perform several charity gigs in aid of Liverpool Hearbeat we were keen to support.

You can see images from an interview evening with Chyler & Nathan and from there two gigs at The Cavern Club in Liverpool in my gallery with just a click ‘here‘.

East of Eli featuring Chyler Leigh supporting Liverpool Heartbeat

Calling all Brides…

If you’re planning your wedding or partnership now I’ve got an amazing offer for you. Full details below, but first a bit of background…

The last ten or so years has been a whistle-stop adventure of photographing weddings. An amazing variety of weddings. Some have been modest, others grand affairs – some in castles, others in hotels, churches, chapels. One was on a floating pontoon and another in the open air on the shores of a Scottish loch. The common feature of all these weddings is that they’ve all been a blast to photograph.

Every wedding I photograph is unique – consequently they all have slightly different needs. I’ve never offered a ‘standard’ package because there is no thing as a ‘standard’ wedding, instead my prices are tailored to your exact needs.

Now, to the very special offer – I’m currently just a couple of weddings away from a massive milestone which I’d like you to help me celebrate. In a nutshell, one of the next few weddings I photograph will be absolutely free!  I’m offering that, to celebrate this nice round number of weddings photographed, there’ll be no charge for your wedding photography.

That includes all our meetings before the event, photography on the day including preparations, the ceremony, portraits, wedding breakfast and evening reception. I’ll then deliver proof images and you just decide what you’d like to purchase from that point.

So, if you’re planning your big day don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d love to discuss all your plans and requirements and there’s every chance you’ll be getting a very special wedding gift.

Contact me today to learn more.

Stuart Homer Photography weddings

Brain or Heart?

I’ve just carried out quite an interesting experiment.

During my photography at this year’s International Beatleweek Festival in Liverpool I challenged myself a little and was keen to seek people’s opinion on the outcome. The subject matter was a comparison between photographs taken on my modern pro digital SLR and similar images created on film on my ’68 vintage Bronica S2 medium format camera.

Bronica S2 & Nikon D800 Stuart Homer Photography

One camera has an electronic brain, capable of assessing hundreds of parameters about every image and then tailoring the image to perfection. I choose to take control of a lot of aspects of the picture making process – I use the camera’s light metering capability alongside my own judgement and usually manually select a combination of ISO, shutter speed and lens setting. I also usually allow the camera to focus, albeit on the point I’ve chosen – so it’s a combination of my brain and the camera’s brain doing the work.

Alongside that camera though, I’m also a huge fan of getting back to basics and shooting with one of my vintage film cameras. In this case it was my Bronica – a square cube of chromed metalwork and leather dating back to the mid sixties (or ’68 for my particular camera). It dates back to a time when cameras were mechanical, there’s no exposure meter and no autofocus – just some marks in the viewfinder to help get the image in focus (more of a challenge than you’d imagine). Just to add to the fun, the image in the viewfinder is reversed left-to-right, so moving the camera to the left means the picture moves right – usually the opposite to the way intended.

The other thing about photographing on film of course is not being able to get that instant gratification. On digital I can shoot, check, adjust settings and reshoot – but on film there’s at least a few days until I can develop the film. If I don’t get it right, the moment is gone forever. On the medium format film there are just 12 exposures on each roll of film, with each exposure being a 60mm square section of negative.

So – why do I do it?

To step out of the modern age into a simpler world?  To prove I can? To keep an art form alive?  The truth is, I do it for quite a number of reasons.

One of the first reasons I started photographing on black & white film inside The Cavern was after seeing an exhibition of photographs by Paul Berriff, photographed in there in the sixties. Yes it’s possible, although I really suspect the modern LED lighting isn’t as intense as the old tungsten lighting – it’s not easy to get any detail in the shadows without washed out faces.

Another reason (and I’ll be bluntly honest here) is that so many people have a half decent camera and just about know how to switch it on, just enough to allow its brain to catch a half decent picture – and they’re my daily competition. It might make no difference to my clients, who only care about the result and not how it was achieved, but at least I know I can deliver the result from first principles.

Anyway, back to the comparison…

I ran a couple of rolls of film through the Bronny’ as it’s known alongside my digital cameras during this year’s International Beatleweek festival in Liverpool. I’ve then posted pairs of images on Facebook to a Beatleweek fan page, asking them to declare their preference ‘Brain’ or ‘Heart’.

The results were interesting…  The first thing to note is that people view the images on face value as they see them, so there’s no point in me being precious about the technicalities – the black and white images could have come from a roll of real film, or could have just been some instagram effect.

The Quarrymen (c)2017 Stuart Homer Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Tony & Jimmy Coburn (AKA Half of the Cavern Club Beatles) (c)2017 Stuart Homer Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Janne Borgh (c)2017 Stuart Homer Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Of the results, there were a couple of votes for ‘Brain’, in other words the modern digital images, but they were offered by people also pointing towards the ‘Heart’ film images, the main comment being it would depend on the context of the image.  Describing the black and white images comments included comments about nostalgia and atmosphere.

“For me it depends..if it’s a beautiful outside day,I go with Brian..loving the color,but wanting a nostalgic look like inside the Cavern,heart looks good..I also like heart for close ups of one or 2 people.”

“Here I prefer black and white. it depends on the pictures.”

“As others have said both are great depending on the photo but I think I would go Heart for depth & atmosphere.”

“Heart, more depth & resonance as an image.”


“Heart…..there is a magic with B/W.”

“Heart – you can see Brain every day of the week.”

And finally my verdict – personally, yes I love both too but for very different reasons.

At the Beating Heart of the Music

The August Bank Holiday has found me making my annual trip (pilgrimage?) to photograph Liverpool’s International Beatles Festival.

This has been my sixth consecutive visit to the event, organised and hosted by Cavern City Tours, owners of the most famous club in the world where a lot of the action takes place.

This year the event had a slightly different, more diverse feel with events taking place across the city, from the Cavern Stage at the Pier Head to Woolton Village Fete, celebrating the event 60 years ago where Paul met John and The Quarrymen.

It’s been an absolute blast photographing the event again and I’m hugely grateful to Cavern City Tours for their hospitality and support. It was great too to work with and become good friends with new bands Vinni, Lindsay & Isaac and Sonido Club, as well as working again with Club Big Beatles, The Tearaways, Rocks Off and many more.

From several thousand raw images I’ve managed to whittle down my favourites and you can see them in My Gallery organised by day order.  Hope you like them too.


If you’d like to know more about booking my unique photographic services please don’t hesitate to contact me today.

no images were found

Happy Birthday Cavern Club

This weekend marks a milestone for the world-famous Cavern Club in Liverpool – nothing less than 60 years since the iconic music venue first opened it’s doors in 1957. Many happy returns Cavern!

DSC_6650It’s quite right to say many happy returns, because that’s exactly what I’ve done – I’ve returned to The Cavern very happily many times. Albeit I’m a relative newcomer, my first visit was only six years ago in 2011.

As a child I have some very fond, albeit limited memories of the Beatles. Being carried out of bed one evening to watch Yellow (or more accurately black & white) Submarine on TV. Finding some reel-to-reel recordings of Eleanor Rigby and thinking I might have stumbled across lost studio tapes and then studying the Beatles in a secondary school music lesson.

When I was offered the chance to photograph The Rockits in the world-famous venue during International Beatleweek 2011 all of those memories came flooding back. Nothing though had prepared me for the electric atmosphere, the buzz, the crowds and the heat of The Cavern. I think it’s fair to say I was hooked within minutes.

imageOne of my all time favourite photographs of The Cavern was created within those first few minutes in the venue – my good friend Chris Grindrod of The Rockits playing his Hofner bass with a Vox AC30 and the iconic arches in the background. It’s an image which is a firm favourite of mine – and I think a number of other people’s too. It’s been used widely and it’s always great to see it being displayed.

DSCF1210A few weeks after that Beatleweek I was invited back with the challenge of photographing Shannon’s amazing larger-than-life four piece canvas artwork of The Beatles for the Cavern. That only presented a few challenges – working in a narrow, dim corridor with the art protected by shiny perspex… But the resulting image can be seen on many pieces of cavern merchandise today. That visit also yielded some of the now iconic photographs of the empty Cavern which have also been recently widely used.


Since that time The Cavern has become a regular venue for both working and relaxing. I’ve photographed every International Beatleweek since 2011 and many other events throughout the years too. Not just live music photography, there have been corporate events, portraits, formal events. Work in the Cavern obviously, but also in theatres, hotels, the Town Hall, St. George’s Hall and outdoor venues all around Liverpool, all as a direct result of this one venue.

MickyMontage1Through the last six years I’ve met and worked with some amazing names. Gerry Marsden, The Searchers, Micky Dolenz (The Monkees), Mark Hudson, Earl Slick, Clem Burke, Donovan, Brian ‘Boots’ Jones are just a few. Then there are the musicians I’ve had the pleasure to work with, from Great Britain, North and South America, Europe and as far away as Japan. More than that though, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and becoming friends with literally hundreds and hundreds of amazing people.

I owe a huge thank you to the Cavern City Tours directors, staff and resident artists and to the Cavern staff team for their hospitality and the opportunities they’ve provided, it’s been an absolute pleasure.

So Cavern Club, my heartfelt congratulations on 60 years of being the most famous (and awesome) club in the world. Thank you for every minute I’ve been able to share of it – here’s to the next sixty years too!!!.

DSC_3280-Edit-Edit SGH-IBW16-1724 SGH_BW15-732 SGH_BW15-361 SGH_BW15-070 SGH-034 image image Event photography by Stuart Homer Photography Ltd for Macmillan Education at the world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool.

All images are the original work ©Stuart Homer Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Creating a Legacy

You may recall me posting about my work photographing the Beatles’ Statues on Liverpool’s Waterfront. Now I’m delighted to offer a very limited edition gallery print of one of those images for you to own.

Stuart Homer photography gallery print of The Legacy Beatles Statue image

I’m very proud to have been involved in ‘The Legacy’ project since its early days. My involvement started in July 2014. That was when I saw miniatures of the statues at Liverpool’s Town Hall, a long time before this gallery print was conceived. At that time plans for the statues were unveiled, along with bronze miniatures. Two years later the full-sized statues were on display during the City’s International Beatleweek Festival.

Later in 2015 they were formally unveiled by Julia Baird, John’s sister in Pride of place, looking out over the Mersey. Four Beatles walking through modern day Liverpool, trying to comprehend the changes Liverpool has undergone in the last 50 years. The changes they have shaped. In Julia’s words: “The bronze statues are 8 feet tall, very imposing…and almost seem to be on the move, they are so lifelike. They are facing out to The River Mersey and hence to the sea, mirroring what the city of Liverpool itself does. The boys are off to conquer the world and at the same time, they have come home, to their roots.

Since their unveiling I’ve been involved in photographing the statues for a number of corporate clients. One of my visits was particularly remarkable and has resulted in the image you see here.

Just as I was parking the car the first few drops of rain fell. After an hour journey I didn’t want to give in, and it wasn’t raining too much…. That was my logic anyway. I was using my professional, weather-proofed cameras, lenses and stand mounted flashguns. They stood up against the testing conditions, during the hour or so of shooting the rain did definitely bounce down. Several thousand pounds of equipment and I dried out in the end.

That visit gave rise to a number of very different results, but this is the most spectacular. It’s an image which hasn’t been supplied until now. It is titled ‘The Legacy’.

Only twenty copies of this gallery print are ever going to be supplied. They are sized 16″ x 12″ (40cm x 30cm) and printed onto a metallic photographic paper. The gallery print is mounted onto a card backing ready to frame or to display just as it is. Being printed using a photographic process onto metallic paper it will last a lifetime. Each gallery print is numbered and hand signed on a certificate on the rear which also contains Julia Baird’s endorsement of this particular print.

At the time of writing one copy is on display within The Cavern Club in Liverpool.  Several copies are already held within private collections. However a number of the 20 copies remain available for purchase. The price reflects all the hard work which has gone into the image and the very exclusive nature of this collection, but remains reasonably priced.

Please contact me today to check availability and to purchase this image for yourself or as the perfect gift.

Stuart Homer photography gallery print of The Legacy Beatles Statue image

The Legacy Gallery print by Stuart Homer Photography

Photographing 'The Legacy' gallery print of Beatles Statues in Liverpool

Photographing 'The Legacy' Beatles Statues in Liverpool

Photographing 'The Legacy' Beatles Statues in Liverpool


Stuart Homer: Back Behind Bars

The Stuart Homer Photography staff photo, HMP Lancaster Castle Over the years, one of my favourite corporate event photography jobs has been to document and support the work of some of Her Majesty’s Prison Officers. This has included photographing a number of staff awards events. The most memorable by far though was a package of work I undertook for the Governor of HMP Lancaster Castle Prison, documenting its closure.

Today I set foot back onto A-Wing, five years since my last visit ‘inside’. Back then there were still a number of prisoners awaiting transfer. I had my own officer escorting me as I photographed the staff and some of their families. Those officer’s dedication was incredible, even though they were all facing transfers to other facilitates, retirement and redundancy.

The castle today still hosts working courts. In place of the prison is now an open public venue which hosts music events, theatre and open air cinema. It also hosts regular tours, such we experienced today. Much of the tour concentrated on the mediaeval history of the castle, it’s early setting as court and prison. Expert historian and guide Graham Kemp talked about many of the high profile cases which have been tried within those walls, from the Pendle Witches to the Birmingham Six.

For me personally though, the climax of the visit was stepping back onto the now silent A-Wing. The big ‘Oh Wow’ moment was seeing the framed staff photograph commissioned by the Governor in 2011. My photograph. It wasn’t hard to spot – it’s in pride of place and the first thing you’d see upon entering that hallway.

For me, seeing the picture brought back a flood of memories of the staff I met and photographed. Their stories, the hidden parts of the castle they took me into and most of all their pride. It also reminded me of the strange sight of a professionally attired photographer donning a safety harness and being hoisted to street-light level by cherry picker to photograph them all.  Good times.




International Beatleweek 2016 – Through My Lens

Pretty much this time last week I was standing on the side of the stage at the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool, cameras in hand watching one of the original Mersey bands The Quarrymen explaining how it all began – ‘It’ being the worldwide phenomenon that still is The Beatles.

Every year Cavern City Tours in Liverpool host the world’s greatest Beatles festival and for the last six years I’ve been delighted to provide my services.

This year I was contracted by three bands to cover their gigs – Britain’s Finest on their first visit from California, Clube Big Beatles from Brazil in their 22nd consecutive year and also Cavern resident band The Rockits who this year were backing band to Monkees legend Micky Dolenz for his sold out headlining show.  In addition, in my ‘spare’ time I was also working to a brief from Cavern City Tours.

A week later and I’ve just finished sorting out the best of several thousand images – here for you to see.

Any of these images can be purchased in a variety of printed and electronic formats – please contact me for more information.

Click here to view images from Friday / Saturday / Sunday / Monday / Tuesday

All images (c)2016 Stuart Homer Photography. All rights reserved.

Picture-Perfect Weddings

I’ve just been looking back over the Stuart Homer Photography wedding archive covering the last seven years and the 44 weddings I’ve photographed to date.

That’s roughly six weddings each year, which is almost perfect, because it means we can treat each one as an entirely personal piece of work. There’s no danger that things just become a featureless production line where one wedding merges into another. That’s really important  because our whole ethos is that every client and their requirements are unique.

I’ve been thinking about some of the amazing venues we’ve worked in over the years. We’ve photographed a wedding on the shores of a Scottish loch and more recently deep inside the wine cellar of a castle in Cheshire and a floating platform in a nature reserve. On top of that, dozens of amazing hotels, manor houses, churches and registry offices.

Stuart Homer Photography wedding venuesOne of the aspects I love is being able to see and capture unique parts of the day which sometimes go all but unnoticed. One of the biggest such moments is catching that first glimpse of the venue all dressed and ready for the perfect day. The Bride and often the Groom never get to see the empty venue and t’s great to be able to freeze that moment for them.

Of course Wedding photography is all about freezing moments in time. Often I’m with the wedding party for 12-15 hours on the big day, not to mention having met and got to know the couple in the months of planning. As a result, a close bond and friendship develops over that time, resulting in a warmth and trust which really shows through in the images that result.

There are some really unique and amazing venues out there – with our half century of weddings coming up, I’m really looking forward to seeing more of them. I’d love to discuss your unique requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact me today for a free informal discussion about how I can capture your big day, whatever your venue.


Bridal Preparations by Stuart Homer Photography Ltd. Wedding portrait photography by Stuart Homer Photography Ltd.Stuart Homer Photography Weddingswedding photography and civil partnership photography by Stuart Homer Photography Ltd, based in Goosnargh, Preston Lancashire at The Lodge, Loch Goil, ScotlandWedding photography by Stuart Homer Photography Ltd.MTA Madrid Album supplied by Stuart Homer Photography Ltd based in Preston and covering Lancashire, Cumbria, Cheshire, Merseyside, Liverpool and Manchester.
Graphistudio Album supplied by Stuart Homer Photography Ltd based in Preston and covering Lancashire, Cumbria, Cheshire, Merseyside, Liverpool and Manchester.

Full Steam Ahead

Chipping Steam Fair event photography by Stuart Homer PhotographyAfter missing last year, it was great to get back to Chipping Steam Fair which has just taken place over this Bank Holiday Weekend.

It’s fantastic to be able to support the event as the official photographer – two galleries of my images can be found here: Part One & Part Two.  Also it was great to work with the team of Myerscough College photography students part who covered in my absence last year (thanks for all your hard work James, Nicola & Rachel!)

The event started 18 years ago and is growing from strength to strength every year. It features almost every kind of vintage transport imaginable, including of course steam engines in many forms as well as commercial, agricultural and military vehicles, cars and motorbikes. This year also saw the Fair being awarded the annual Ribble Valley Tourist Award.

This year the sun shone throughout and the ground was dry, meaning that even the heaviest of the vintage steam rollers and engines could enter the show arena. All in, a fantastic weekend!

Hope you like the image galleries (Part One & Part Two) – If you’d like to order any prints or other products from my standard price list please Contact Me, or if you’d like to discuss Stuart Homer Photography supporting your event too.



Music Studio / Photo Studio Fusion – Portraits With Added Beat

Over recent years Stuart Homer Photography’s reputation as a specialist live music photographer has been growing, which we absolutely love. However live music isn’t all we do which is why we’re hugely excited to announce our latest plans:

Stuart Homer Photography Studio Live Music PhotographyOver the next month or so we’ve got dates available for some very special ‘music-studio-meets-photo-studio‘ photoshoots. We’re going to be hosting these sessions in a music studio environment – so we’ll be providing the moody lighting, backdrops and high-resolution professional cameras. You bring the instruments / vocals, wardrobe and energy; together we’re going to capture some awesome images. After the event I’ll prepare and supply the images at full resolution, free from watermarking for you to use promotionally however you want.

Our studio is completely mobile. We’ll set up exactly where you want, whether it be your favourite studio, rehearsal rooms, rooftop or practically anywhere else. We know the music business and we know gig fees get stretched pretty thinly, so our prices are sensible – I’ll be able to give an exact price once we’ve discussed your requirements in more detail.

We’re expecting demand to be high, so don’t risk missing out – call or message us today to discuss any of our services and let’s get the ball rolling. Can’t wait to hear from you…

Stuart Homer Photography - Studio Photography

Our Bank Has Changed

Stuart Homer Photography Ltd - Chip and Pin card machine for Visa, Mastercard and Maestro payments.

Sometimes a change is as good as a rest, so they say.

As it happens, our change is a minor one…  Our day-to-day business bank account details have changed. Apart from that it’s entirely business as normal.

If you use internet banking and you’ve paid to us in the past it is possible that you have our old account details stored away. Next time you need to pay us for any goods or services we’ll be delighted to give our revised account number.

We accept payment in cash, cheque, most credit & debit cards, online banking and Paypal. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any further information.

Birthday Celebrations with Amanda

Saturday 27th February found me meeting Amanda’s family and friends for her 50th Birthday Celebrations.

Usually it would be quite daunting to suddenly meet and immediately start photographing nearly 200 strangers, but in the case of Amanda’s party there were no issues. There was a fantastic atmosphere all round and I couldn’t have been made more welcome at her birthday celebrations.

All the images of the night can be found in my Gallery Page here and photographs can be ordered in a variety of formats including prints, books and wall products.

Hope you like the pictures. Please Contact Me if you’d like to know more about my Event Photography solutions.

Amanda's 50th Birthday Celebrations. ©2016 Stuart Homer Photography

Photographing Ghosts

I’ve just updated the feature image on this website’s Home Page – something I try to do at the start of each month.  I always try to choose something special, an image which reflects what I do. This month I’ve got a good feeling this is an image you might just be seeing more of.

Please have a look at my Home Page and then let me know what you think. I’m fairly modest when it comes to blowing my trumpet, but I’m very pleased with that image on a number of levels.

It was photographed as a joint personal project and client commission. My client has the licence to manufacture products for sale from a number of images taken of the statues and I can’t wait to see them being supplied onwards. At this point I’m not going to be splashing the images about, so enjoy seeing it here.

Like all images there’s a story behind it. In the case of the images from this particular stable, there’s also a certain amount of pain, cold, lack of sleep and general hard work that’s gone into the images. Obviously I haven’t lost an ear in the process or anything, but I must admit to feeling a bit of righteous pride when I consider my images alongside some of the other offerings being displayed of what is fast becoming one of Liverpool’s most recognisable landmarks.

My relationship with these particular statues and their story started in July 2014 when I was commissioned to photograph a corporate celebration dinner of The Beatles ‘Hard Days Night’ at Liverpool’s magnificent Town Hall. At that time plans for the statues were unveiled, along with bronze miniatures. Two years later the full-sized statues were on display at The Adelphi Hotel during the City’s International Beatleweek Festival. Later in 2015 they were formally unveiled in Pride of place, looking out over the Mersey.

The images I’ve captured are the results of two dedicated visits to the city. It was near essential for the city to be deserted, and I also wanted that awesome twilight lighting – so an early start it was both times. For me that means an hour journey and making sure I arrived and set up an hour before sunrise. Even in mid-winter that meant a 6am journey. At that time it’s near impossible to really know if it’s going to be cloudy, clear, wet or dry.

The first trip gave a glorious red sky sunrise with some high clouds to add a warmth and colour to the images. I wasn’t content though and wanted just that bit more, so made a second trip.

Just as I was parking the car the first few drops of rain fell – but after an hour journey I didn’t want to give in, and it wasn’t raining too much….  That was my logic anyway. I was using my professional, weather-proofed cameras, lenses and stand mounted flashguns. They stood up against the testing conditions, during the hour or so of shooting the rain did definitely bounce down, but several thousand pounds of equipment and I dried out in the end.

So the results of my labours are a set of images, or more precisely four or five sets. The light changes so quickly at dawn that a set of contiguous related images have to be rattled off before the light changes, followed by some more which can look completely different even just a few minutes later.

So, why the title of this post as Photographing Ghosts, when two of the Beatles are presumed still alive? It’s really just the look of my favourite image (see it on my Home Page) – four Beatles walking through the rain, from Brunswick Street trying to comprehend the changes Liverpool has undergone in the last 50 years – the changes they have shaped.

(Update Feb 8, 2016 – Here’s what Julia Baird, John’s sister has to say about the statues:

“I was honoured to unveil this fantastic representation of The Beatles today. It is a gift, from the Cavern Club, to the people of Liverpool and beyond.

The bronze statues are 8 feet tall, very imposing…and almost seem to be on the move, they are so lifelike. They are facing out to The River Mersey and hence to the sea, mirroring what the city of Liverpool itself does. The boys are off to conquer the world and at the same time, they have come home, to their roots. They join a series of statues along the riverfront, depicting many peoples who have made their own contribution to making our city develop and flourish. The Beatles have been inimicable in their recent benefit to Liverpool, expanding tourism and all the good that follows that trade. Come and see it.

It is called ‘The Legacy’.

love Julia x”

I really hope you like the picture as much as I do!

If you’d like to know more about how I can help you commercially or for any other type of photography please don’t hesitate to contact me.



©2016 Stuart Homer Photography. All Rights Reserved.



Cavern Mecca 2015

Normally I try and post great, enthusiastic titles on my posts. For this one however I’m going to keep things a little more restrained and respectful.

The subject in question was the annual Cavern Mecca event, held in the world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool. A venue which often feels like my second home – I do seem to spend a lot of time there, living and breathing in the atmosphere, photographing of course, occasionally eating but never sleeping.

The Cavern Mecca event itself is a longstanding fundraiser which I had the pleasure of applying my specialist live music photography at last year and the privilege of repeating the event this year. It was great to catch up and chat with good friends and great bands like The Shakers, The Rockits, Hamburg Beat and Backbeat along with hearing some of the latest new talent in the best of surroundings.

This year was dedicated to one of Merseybeat’s legends, the late Geoff Nugent and a fitting tribute it was too!!!

Many thanks are due as always to all of the Cavern Club staff and management, huge congratulations to Julie and the team who brought it all together – no mean feat in itself. Finally, many thanks to my close friend and occasional assistant Tony, I think he kind of enjoyed himself!

There’s a gallery of pictures online via this link – hope you like them.  If you’d like to order any please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Also please give me a shout if I can help in any way with any other needs, be it live music photography, corporate photography, portraiture or wedding photography.

Many thanks!

Cavern Mecca 2015Cavern Mecca 2015Cavern Mecca 2015Cavern Mecca 2015Cavern Mecca 2015Cavern Mecca 2015Cavern Mecca 2015Cavern Mecca 2015


A new chapter for a classic car

One of my all-time favourite assignments was photographing this unique classic Ferrari 328GTS in November 2011. As soon as its owner approached me about the shoot I knew the look I wanted to create – with those sleek rosso curves and black leather trim it had to be a sort of automotive meets boudoir shoot. The location took a bit more organising, it’s not everyday you get to borrow a hangar at an active airport. I still love the results  of the shoot.


No Ferrari can be described as ordinary, but this particular car is far from ordinary. Apart from being the last Right Hand Drive example off the production line, it has the credit of being a personal gift to Ferrari’s star F1 driver at the time, a certain Nigel Mansell, for his win at the Rio de Janeiro Grand Prix.

In 2014 the owner who commissioned my shoot sold the car to the presenter and confirmed petrolhead Chris Evans, an avid Ferrari collector. Two days ago the car was sold at auction at Goodwood, raising over £100,000 for Children In Need.

The reason I mention all of this now? The shoot was far more than just this single shot, with the best images being compiled into an exclusive bespoke book. Two copies exist, one of which has been signed by Nigel Mansell – that is until today when a third copy was purchased from the publishers. I don’t have any way to know who the purchaser was, but I’m putting two-and-two together and guessing it might be their second purchase in the space of three days…

Have a browse over the book here.

image image image image image

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends….

SGH_BW15-281August Bank Holiday can only mean one thing – International Beatleweek.

This is the fourth year I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cavern City Tours in photographing at International Beatleweek, in Liverpool. I find it an amazing blast, not just to work in such an incredible city, but to work in some amazing venues and to meet even more amazing people.

This year as well as catching up with lots of BW friends, I spent some time working closely with Japanese all-girl Beatle tribute band The Clover, photographing three of their gigs for them.

In addition to that, the rest of my five days in Liverpool were spent photographing The Royal Court stage shows, including the fantastic Cavern Club Beatles and an all star show led by Mark Hudson and of course working with Cavern resident band The Rockits.

Huge thanks to all involved in organising the event, particularly Jon, Bill, Dave, Phil, Julia, Kim, Paul, Victoria & Shanna at Cavern City Tours for their support and facilitation, thanks to The Rockits & WAGS for their hospitality too – and thanks to everyone else for being great subject matter!

Photographs of the event are on my website, organised by day. Hope you like them – Please get in touch to order copies.

If you would like to know more about me photographing live music or any other event, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  • Friday 28th – Bombed Out Church / Cavern Club Beatles & Donovan at The Royal Court / The Rockits / The Starclubbers
  • Saturday 29th – John Lennon Theatre Show at the Royal Court (including behind the scenes soundcheck images).
  • Sunday 30th – Convention Day / The Clover at the Cavern Club / The Rockits with Mark Husdon.
  • Monday 31st – The Overtures / The Original Quarrymen / ‘The Boys Who Knew The Lads’ with an all star cast, all from The Royal Court Theatre
  • Tuesday 1st – The Rockits in The Cavern Club / Peter Asher

SGH_BW15-054 SGH_BW15-070 SGH_BW15-110 SGH_BW15-251 SGH_BW15-282 SGH_BW15-301 SGH_BW15-361 SGH_BW15-423 SGH_BW15-573 SGH_BW15-732

Always Happy To Help BHF

Those who know me will know that when it comes to the British Heart Foundation, I’m always happy to help in any way I can. This weekend has provided to perfect opportunity – event photography of guests arriving at a fundraising dinner on Friday night.

The Millstone at Mellor is a great restaurant and was the perfect venue for a top-notch dinner event for over ninety guests. My role was to photograph them looking at their finest in their posh frocks as they mingled at the start of the evening. Young magician Harrison was on site to baffle them with sleight of hand along with musician’s Emjay to perform through the evening.

There’s a Gallery of Images on my website, but look out for their pictures in the local society magazines – that’s the next step!



The rest of the weekend took on an exciting turn too with an impromptu invitation to photograph at local company Forrest’s 60th anniversary celebrations. After a damp start to the day the clouds parted and sun shone down onto their event – guests were able to emerge from the shelter of their big top teepee to enjoy all the fun of the fair, live bands, real ales and food. All in all a splendid affair – and an awesome weekend.

Next week follows a similar theme of event photography. This time catching up with old friends from St Ambrose Barlow School in Liverpool – the last two years have been awesome, photographing their portraits and printing on site for them to take home with them – can’t wait to do it all again!


Road Tripping USA Style

Last Christmas my Wife bought me a T-Shirt that says ‘If I can’t take my camera, I’m not going!’ and she’s pretty much spot on. Especially when it’s the road trip of a lifetime…

Memorial Day weekend marks the annual Abbey Road on the River music festival, hosted in Louisville Kentucky and this year (after a couple of years of jealously seeing other people’s photographs) we made the trip out there.

You can find my pictures from the trip in three galleries: Louisville, Nashville & Memphis

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