A new chapter for a classic car

One of my all-time favourite assignments was photographing this unique classic Ferrari 328GTS in November 2011. As soon as its owner approached me about the shoot I knew the look I wanted to create – with those sleek rosso curves and black leather trim it had to be a sort of automotive meets boudoir shoot. The location took a bit more organising, it’s not everyday you get to borrow a hangar at an active airport. I still love the results  of the shoot.


No Ferrari can be described as ordinary, but this particular car is far from ordinary. Apart from being the last Right Hand Drive example off the production line, it has the credit of being a personal gift to Ferrari’s star F1 driver at the time, a certain Nigel Mansell, for his win at the Rio de Janeiro Grand Prix.

In 2014 the owner who commissioned my shoot sold the car to the presenter and confirmed petrolhead Chris Evans, an avid Ferrari collector. Two days ago the car was sold at auction at Goodwood, raising over £100,000 for Children In Need.

The reason I mention all of this now? The shoot was far more than just this single shot, with the best images being compiled into an exclusive bespoke book. Two copies exist, one of which has been signed by Nigel Mansell – that is until today when a third copy was purchased from the publishers. I don’t have any way to know who the purchaser was, but I’m putting two-and-two together and guessing it might be their second purchase in the space of three days…

Have a browse over the book here.

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