Creating a Legacy

You may recall me posting about my work photographing the Beatles’ Statues on Liverpool’s Waterfront. Now I’m delighted to offer a very limited edition gallery print of one of those images for you to own.

Stuart Homer photography gallery print of The Legacy Beatles Statue image

I’m very proud to have been involved in ‘The Legacy’ project since its early days. My involvement started in July 2014. That was when I saw miniatures of the statues at Liverpool’s Town Hall, a long time before this gallery print was conceived. At that time plans for the statues were unveiled, along with bronze miniatures. Two years later the full-sized statues were on display during the City’s International Beatleweek Festival.

Later in 2015 they were formally unveiled by Julia Baird, John’s sister in Pride of place, looking out over the Mersey. Four Beatles walking through modern day Liverpool, trying to comprehend the changes Liverpool has undergone in the last 50 years. The changes they have shaped. In Julia’s words: “The bronze statues are 8 feet tall, very imposing…and almost seem to be on the move, they are so lifelike. They are facing out to The River Mersey and hence to the sea, mirroring what the city of Liverpool itself does. The boys are off to conquer the world and at the same time, they have come home, to their roots.

Since their unveiling I’ve been involved in photographing the statues for a number of corporate clients. One of my visits was particularly remarkable and has resulted in the image you see here.

Just as I was parking the car the first few drops of rain fell. After an hour journey I didn’t want to give in, and it wasn’t raining too much…. That was my logic anyway. I was using my professional, weather-proofed cameras, lenses and stand mounted flashguns. They stood up against the testing conditions, during the hour or so of shooting the rain did definitely bounce down. Several thousand pounds of equipment and I dried out in the end.

That visit gave rise to a number of very different results, but this is the most spectacular. It’s an image which hasn’t been supplied until now. It is titled ‘The Legacy’.

Only twenty copies of this gallery print are ever going to be supplied. They are sized 16″ x 12″ (40cm x 30cm) and printed onto a metallic photographic paper. The gallery print is mounted onto a card backing ready to frame or to display just as it is. Being printed using a photographic process onto metallic paper it will last a lifetime. Each gallery print is numbered and hand signed on a certificate on the rear which also contains Julia Baird’s endorsement of this particular print.

At the time of writing one copy is on display within The Cavern Club in Liverpool.  Several copies are already held within private collections. However a number of the 20 copies remain available for purchase. The price reflects all the hard work which has gone into the image and the very exclusive nature of this collection, but remains reasonably priced.

Please contact me today to check availability and to purchase this image for yourself or as the perfect gift.

Stuart Homer photography gallery print of The Legacy Beatles Statue image

The Legacy Gallery print by Stuart Homer Photography

Photographing 'The Legacy' gallery print of Beatles Statues in Liverpool

Photographing 'The Legacy' Beatles Statues in Liverpool

Photographing 'The Legacy' Beatles Statues in Liverpool