Road Tripping USA Style

Last Christmas my Wife bought me a T-Shirt that says ‘If I can’t take my camera, I’m not going!’ and she’s pretty much spot on. Especially when it’s the road trip of a lifetime…

Memorial Day weekend marks the annual Abbey Road on the River music festival, hosted in Louisville Kentucky and this year (after a couple of years of jealously seeing other people’s photographs) we made the trip out there.

You can find my pictures from the trip in three galleries: Louisville, Nashville & Memphis

Our very good friends The Rockits as well as The Cavern Club Directors and Wings Banned were directly involved in the Louisville festival along with a number of other friends. Apart from the event itself, it also provided the perfect opportunity to tag on a road trip to Nashville and then Memphis, the heart and soul of American music.

Of course I wasn’t going to make a trip like that without cameras – in fact my camera bag was packed before my suitcase. I had two bags packed as hand luggage, the rucksack with the big, full-frame Nikon DSLR, three lens, flashgun and accessories and also the smaller Olympus OMD E-M1 compact system camera.

The night before flying I picked up the rucksack…. felt its weight and promptly unpacked it. In the end the main camera I took along for the road trip was the OMD E-M1. It’s a fantastic little camera, ruggedly built in style to copy the lines of the classic ’80s Olympus OM cameras which led the market in their day.

Over the last week it’s really been my weapon of choice, along with a classic Billingham shoulder bag. The compact system camera can achieve pretty much 90% of its bigger workhorse brothers’ tasks, but in a small package that’s easy and lightweight to carry around. With an electronic viewfinder tricky white balances can be adjusted before the picture is taken and built-in wifi means the picture can be shared to phone instantly and uploaded in seconds.

Safely tucked away inside the Billingham it’s been at my side pretty much the whole adventure, from photographing bands on stage at Louisville, to portraits at the gates of Gracelands, to capturing the amazing spectacle of BB King’s funeral in Memphis.

Now it’s just a matter of saving up for next year’s flights…..


You can find pictures from the trip in three galleries covering Louisville, Nashville & Memphis

(Title photo above credit to Debbie Homer, taken on the Olympus).