PortraitsPortrait photography is your chance to be a star for the day!

Portraiture can be anything you want it to be – it can be a formal family portrait, it can be a chance to glam it up and be the centre of attention in your best outfit, or why not get friends together for a portrait party!.

It can be the chance to do something out of character, let your hair down, be a rock star or catwalk super model for a couple of hours.

It can be anything from bright and colourful to dark and moody, or anywhere in between.

Personal experience has shown that even those who don’t feel confident and don’t like having their photo taken soon get into the swing of it (alcohol sometimes helps!) and have soon found themselves loving their portrait sessions.

My latest professional digital equipment lets you see the first cut image at source, so we can focus on what works for you.

Portraits can take place in a full studio, or can be at your chosen location using our professional portable equipment. Lifestyle portraiture can be as simple as a walk in the park (literally), or the beach, field or forest.

I can even arrange a hair stylist and makeup artist just to make the most of the chance!

Usually priced at £60-75 for the portrait sitting, with sensibly priced photographs to order.