Birthday Celebrations with Amanda

Saturday 27th February found me meeting Amanda’s family and friends for her 50th Birthday Celebrations.

Usually it would be quite daunting to suddenly meet and immediately start photographing nearly 200 strangers, but in the case of Amanda’s party there were no issues. There was a fantastic atmosphere all round and I couldn’t have been made more welcome at her birthday celebrations.

All the images of the night can be found in my Gallery Page here and photographs can be ordered in a variety of formats including prints, books and wall products.

Hope you like the pictures. Please Contact Me if you’d like to know more about my Event Photography solutions.

Amanda's 50th Birthday Celebrations. ©2016 Stuart Homer Photography

Cavern Mecca 2015

Normally I try and post great, enthusiastic titles on my posts. For this one however I’m going to keep things a little more restrained and respectful.

The subject in question was the annual Cavern Mecca event, held in the world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool. A venue which often feels like my second home – I do seem to spend a lot of time there, living and breathing in the atmosphere, photographing of course, occasionally eating but never sleeping.

The Cavern Mecca event itself is a longstanding fundraiser which I had the pleasure of applying my specialist live music photography at last year and the privilege of repeating the event this year. It was great to catch up and chat with good friends and great bands like The Shakers, The Rockits, Hamburg Beat and Backbeat along with hearing some of the latest new talent in the best of surroundings.

This year was dedicated to one of Merseybeat’s legends, the late Geoff Nugent and a fitting tribute it was too!!!

Many thanks are due as always to all of the Cavern Club staff and management, huge congratulations to Julie and the team who brought it all together – no mean feat in itself. Finally, many thanks to my close friend and occasional assistant Tony, I think he kind of enjoyed himself!

There’s a gallery of pictures online via this link – hope you like them.  If you’d like to order any please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Also please give me a shout if I can help in any way with any other needs, be it live music photography, corporate photography, portraiture or wedding photography.

Many thanks!

Cavern Mecca 2015Cavern Mecca 2015Cavern Mecca 2015Cavern Mecca 2015Cavern Mecca 2015Cavern Mecca 2015Cavern Mecca 2015Cavern Mecca 2015


Having a Ball

‘Quality Over Quantity’ as they say, and last night’s Graduation Ball photography was no exception.

Most of the graduation and other types of Balls / Proms / Charity events are quite large, busy events, often with hundreds of guests. Photographing is often geared around the portable studio and printing photographs on site, which is great….

Last night though was definitely different – a Graduation Ball for the UCLAN Sports Therapy Course of 2015. As it was just one course the number of guests was literally those students and staff. That gave a fantastic friendly atmosphere and it felt a privilege to share the event. Rather than a formal backdrop setting, my role was to catch the atmosphere of the night and to be on the spot for photographs upon request.


I had a fantastic time, largely because they did. It was completely obvious and very moving to see how close a bond had developed during their years of studies together. As always the staff at Barton Grange Hotel looked after them and me brilliantly. The DJ had barely a moment when the dance floor wasn’t full all night.

Click here to see the gallery of images from the evening online – any of these images can be ordered in a wide variety of formats. Ordering details are provided on the Gallery Page.

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SGH_20150508-081 SGH_20150508-171  SGH_20150508-213 SGH_20150508-231SGH_20150508-206

From One Bank Holiday To The Next

Having an extended weekend has been great and has reminded me that there’s another one just around the corner at the end of May. With it comes one of our favourite event photography weekends – the annual Chipping Steam Fair which this year takes place on Saturday 23rd – Monday 25th May.

Stuart Homer Photography Ltd proud to support Chipping Steam Fair

The Chipping Steam Fair has grown over the years and has something for all the family, whether it be vintage vehicles and machinery, classic cars and bikes, fun fair rides, country crafts and produce or live entertainment.

We’ve been excited in supporting the fair in having a trade stand on earlier years, photographing the event for the committee and supplying images for publication in their programmes and flyers.

It’s a great event so get yourself down there and take it all in for yourself. It’s in a great cause too. You can see last years images on my Gallery Page or have a look at Chipping Steam Fair’s own webpage (in a new window).

Sadly this year we have a clash and won’t be able to be there, but the good news is that we’ve been able to arrange for our good friends from Myerscough College’s Photography Degree Course to cover the event instead. It will be valuable work experience for their students and should build their portfolio too.

Contact us today if you’d like to know more about how we can work with you to promote and record your live event.

The Art of Event Photography

Event Photography is about catching an image, allowing your client to view it, being able to hold it in their hands in mere seconds, being able to buy it on site, being able to love and treasure it!

Event photography by Stuart Homer Photography Ltd for Macmillan Education at the world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool.Event Photography is a form of social photography, quite different from many other types of professional photography.

Event photography is fantastic fun, it’s about building a client relationship and trust in seconds, making the client feel comfortable in front of studio lights in strange surroundings. It’s about being able to very quickly catch a key image which the client will love. It’s all about people.

Technology plays it’s part too – my latest professional cameras have WiFi to beam pictures back to the viewing station in seconds. A fast professional printer allows the photograph to be in the clients hand in less than two minutes from the click of the shutter, mounted in a smart folder and ready to take home.

This week saw me undertaking a night of event photography for Macmillan Education at a social event hosted as part of their conference for international English teachers. Their venue was the amazing, world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool – a regular working place for me professionally. It was great to work again with the Cavern’s management team as well as their amazing resident band The Cavern Beatles.

Normally the iconic Cavern Club stage is strictly for musicians only, but for one night it was my stage. The image you see here uses no less than three different studio lights to create a unique momento of the event for each of the 400+ guests at the biggest party in town.

So then event photography – a huge buzz, fantastic, frenetic fun and providing an absolutely unique momento of an amazing night.

Thanks again Macmillan for allowing me to work with you all, hope to repeat the pleasure again soon. (See the gallery of images here)

Please contact me if you’d like to learn more about how I can support your event.

Stepping Up To The Mark

Well, much as I’ve enjoyed having a couple of weeks relaxation away from photographing, editing and all that goes along with it, I’m looking forward to getting ‘back to it’.

I’m particularly looking forwards to this weekend’s Christening photography. The weather forecast looks promising for a bit of Winter sunlight giving beautiful natural light and the fact it’s local is an added bonus.

The next few weeks are quite exciting too, with a combination of event photography for charity dinners, a corporate awards day and not forgetting an exciting workshop day at the fantastic Victoria Baths. Bring it on!

SPACE AID: The Live Music Event That Rocked

SPACE AIStephen Bayliss patron of the SPACE Multisensory Centre Preston, supporting the SPACE AID Live Music Event on Thursday 3rd Jan 2013. Photographed by Stuart Homer Photography Ltd.D was the live music extravaganza which took place on Thursday 3rd January in Preston.  Stuart Homer Photography was delighted to be able to support the full event and assist in raising much needed funds for the SPACE Multisensory Centre in Preston.

The SPACE Centre on Pedders Lane Preston provides a valuable facility used widely by young people and adults with disabilities and special needs. Vital funds are needed to allow modernisation work to be completed and secure the future of the centre.

Cue Steve and Lesley Miller who dreamed up SPACE AID and brought the event to fruition with the generous support of many friends, supporters and professionals.  The event brought two separate live music gigs to the Preston Grasshoppers venue, along with an auction and raffle.

The afternoon saw performances including Panache, Blackheart, magician Jez Mansfield and top of the bill the fantastic Houghton Weavers. The evening event included live sets from Steves’s band Full Signal, Two Men Standing, an amazing as always set from SPACE patron Stephen Bayliss and then a great set to round off the night by very good friends The ROCKiTS.

Through the day I was able to photograph and sell green-screen portraits as well as photographing all the acts. Proceeds from sales, including any future sales are going to support the fundraising effort.

Photographs from the day can be found in my photo gallery – please have a browse and don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to purchase any images or would like any information on my range of products and services.

Dipping a toe in the water…

Maybe metaphorically, although the North Wales Coast is as good a place as any to take a bucket and spade to the beach.

Stuart Homer Photography Ltd. is off to the beach, or The Beaches Hotel at least in a couple of weeks for the Daytripper Weekender event, a Beatles convention organised by our friend Glenn Mitchell. We’re going to be, for the first time, offering green-screen portraits on site – dipping a toe in the water as it were.

Daytripper WeekenderGuests will be able to pose for their photographs in front of our green-screen, before some really clever software does it’s stuff and transports them into a virtual reality – maybe The Cavern Club itself where the beatles made their name, maybe alongside the Fab Four on that famous Abbey Road zebra crossing, or on a magazine cover. Click the image to get a quick taster

In addition, I’m also going to be photographing all the live music of the weekend including The Cavernites, The Mersey Beatles, The Beatelles, The Rockits and more. The perfect chance for the bands to extend their image portfolio with some of my live music photographs at a very special rate.

Check out Glenn’s site for all the info, and maybe see you there. It’s going to be a Fab weekend!

Come and visit us in the Great Outdoors… In Chipping.

Stuart Homer Photography Ltd. Outdoor CapabilityIt’s getting around to that time of year again, to take the Stuart Homer Photography Ltd. show on the road!

We’re going to be displaying some of our most exciting products on our trade stand at Chipping Steam Fair, and for this year we’re just going to be there for one day: Saturday 26th May. We’d be delighted to see you, whether you’re just passing or if you’d like to come to see us, you’re more than welcome.

If you can’t make it don’t panic – we’re also going to be at Ruffs Dog Show on Ashton Park, Preston on Saturday 9th June and Myerscough College Open Day on Sunday 10th June too. We’d love to see you there…