‘Spot the Dog’ Photography

I do love a bit of Dog Photography…

Dog Photography by Stuart Homer Photography Ltd.This particular canine is Polo who visited last night for a dedicated Doggy Portrait Sitting (or should that be pawtrait?).

Photographing animals, whether it be equine (horses), dog photography, cats, rodents, fish or just about any other species to photograph, present their own unique challenges which makes the job so much fun.

Bringing a dog into a professional studio presents so many new sights, smells and places to explore. With a little teeny bit of animal psychology though, I’m happy with the results.

Owner David had a good idea of the dog photography results he wanted. In addition to creating that shot, I was also able to photograph David and his children with Polo in the studio’s white high key area, black low key as shown and also one of the room sets.

Many thanks again to John and Cath who own Edge Photographic Studio in Manchester, a great facility which I’d happily use every day of the week.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me today if you’re interested in dog photography or indeed any form of animal  photography or portrait photography in general.

Classic Car Photography

Classic car photography by Stuart Homer Photography Ltd, in this case Nigel Mansell's old 328GTS

A bit of a classic car this one… I was just sorting a few files and found it – thought you might like to see it again.

This is a car with a bit of heritage – the last ever RHD 328GTS off the Ferrari production line and a personal gift to Nigel Mansell after winning that year’s F1 GP in Rio. It’s present local owner commissioned a photoshoot almost exactly one year ago – here’s one of the results of a day’s classic car photography.

Hope you like it!